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Ludovica Brocchi

Actual age: 
Playing age:
Eye colour:
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25 years 
28 to 30 years
English - Italian


About me

Ludovica Brocchi is a curious and enthusiastic 25 year old from Pisa, Italy. She has always been interested in what being human means and in the vision that all art can emerge from human life. With this perspective, her theatre skills come from attending drama workshops for young people in her city for 14 years. She has also participated in the intensive acting international workshop for "Prima del Teatro" -- European School of the Art of the Actor in the summer of 2015.
Since then, she has graduated in Philosophy and, later, she got a Master's Degree in philosophical science with a thesis in Performative Anthropology at the University of Padova.
Ludovica is in Ireland as part of our European Solidarity Corps  prgramme, and she is excited to grow as an educator and as a workshop acting facilitator for the youth theatre.

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