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28 years
16 to 28 years
English - German - Russian

Daria Kozlova is a 28 year old from St. Petersburg, Russia. She first got a degree in Economics and later studied as a pupetteer at the Russian State University of Performing Arts. 
Before studying, she played in an amateur studio, where she was not only acting, but also taking part in training, playwriting and set design.  During her study at university she covered topics such as as acting (drama, puppets, shadows), voice training, stage movement and acrobatics, dance (classic, Russian national dance, contemporary, Spanish dance), and theatre history. During her studies she also had the  opportunity to perform in  a number of different plays – both as an actress and a puppeteer.  She has also worked as a tutor for young people (12-18 years), as a team leader in camps for teens.
Daria has previously volunteered in exchange programmes in Germany and France, and was also a volunteer as an interpreter for a number of international festivals in St. Petersburg. She has a love for volunteering and exchange programmes, and this is what led her to Kildare Youth Theatre. 

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